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Stone Countertops come in a few different categories and it’s important for you to consider the features and drawbacks of each type when planning your design. At All South Granite & Marble we offer natural Granite Countertops, natural Marble Countertops, engineered Silestone Countertops, engineered Hanstone Countertops, engineered Cambria Countertops, engineered Compac Countertops, and engineered Caesarstone Countertops.

Granite Countertops Atlanta

Granite is a naturally occurring stone which is carefully cut out of the ground and then cut, sculpted, and polished to produce stunningly beautiful countertops. It is available in a range of colors depending on what part of the earth it came from, and the composition of the minerals in the ground where it formed.

All South Granite & Marble is an Accredited Applicator of Dry Treat Dry Treat Accredited ApplicatorStain-Proof and we use it as an upgrade option for our customers. This sealer provides long lasting protection and comes with a 15 year warranty.

Granite Countertops are extremely tough and burn resistant. Hot cooking dishes straight off the stove or out of the oven will not discolor or melt granite. Granite Countertops are also much more difficult to scratch than laminates or softer alternatives.

How to Clean Granite Countertops – Granite Countertops can be cleaned everyday using warm soapy water followed by a buffing with a dry cloth. Stronger cleaning products will not damage the stone, but they will remove the sealer.  

Marble Countertops Atlanta

Marble is also a naturally occurring stone which is extracted from the earth and processed in much the same way as Granite. Marble Countertops are magnificent in their beauty, but they are more susceptible to stains. For that reason we recommend that Marble Countertops be used in bathrooms, on vanities, and as fireplace surrounds, but not in kitchens.

How to Clean Marble Countertops – Food and spills should be wiped up quickly with warm soapy water and then the surface should be thoroughly dried. Don’t use ammonia based products because they will remove the sealant and leave the stone unprotected. Instead, use vinegar based products. Many of our customers are very happy with a cleaning product called Lustro Italliano.

Quartz Countertops Atlanta

Silestone, Hanstone, Cambria, Compac, and Caesarstone are brand names of engineered (man-made) stone countertops. They are made from 100% natural quartz which is mined and formed into slabs for applications such as countertops. Quartz is one of the hardest substances in the world; only diamond, sapphire, and topaz are harder. So it makes a fantastic scratch resistant work surface for your kitchen.

Plus, quartz countertops like Silestone, Hanstone, Cambria, Compac, and Caesarstone NEVER need to be sealed. They are naturally so hard and non-porous that moisture and stains will not penetrate. This also makes them more sanitary because microorganisms cannot setup homes in the tiny little pores. In addition to that, Silestone has Microban anti-microbial protection built-in to every slab.

Cleaning quartz is easy too. Because there is no sealer you can use ammonia or bleach based cleaners without worrying that the sealant will come off.

Silestone, Hanstone, Cambria, Compac, and Caesarstone Countertops come in a huge variety of colors and designs (many of which mimic granite and marble) and we can custom tailor them to fit the layout and contour of your kitchen or bathroom plan.

Premium Sinks & FaucetsIntegrated Premium Sinks & Faucets

At All South Granite & Marble we work with the manufacturers of premium plumbing fixtures like Kohler, Huntington Brass, Artisan Sinks. Because of this, when you choose the sink and faucet you want we are able to design the countertop to fit like a glove with the plumbing. And we handle the installation of the sink with the countertop. So it all goes in together and fits the way it was meant to.

Handcrafted & Custom Cabinets

We understand that the perfect kitchen or bathroom design goes beyond just having the right Granite Countertops. So we partner with the best local Atlanta Cabinet Companies to bring you world-class cabinet design choices. As with the rest of our turn-key service, the cabinets are made to fit with the granite countertops and the rest of the kitchen or bath. And our skilled team installs every piece together to insure a flawless finish.

Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident that you, like our many other happy customers, will love your new granite countertops, marble countertops, or engineered countertops that we offer a full Lifetime Warranty on our workmanship.







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Granite Countertops Atlanta